We’re In The Business of Changing Lives

Creating Opportunities for Others to Learn
(The COOL Program)

The COOL Program is designed to provide effective interventions for drug, alcohol, shoplifting, interpersonal, domestic, and other violations without the hassle. Our goal is to deliver information that gives participants the tools to understand themselves and discover paths to positive change in their lives.

All COOL-related programs are completed online and work to help people gain control of their lives in a non-judgmental, non-shaming, safe environment. Courses are designed to fulfill requirements for court-ordered education, and participants are responsible for the nominal
charge of each course.

Supporting the Community by
Supporting Families since 2012.

Evidence-Based Learning

The COOL Program was designed and built around proven, evidence-based strategies that help participants realize positive interventions that lead to purposeful change

  • All courses are designed to fulfill requirements for court-ordered education
  • Participants are responsible for the nominal charge of each course, which is currently $45
  • Certificates of completion are rewarded at the end of each course

These are the COOL Psycho-Educational Programs that are only available online:

Shoplifting & Theft Addiction

This program delivers information that will give you the tools to understand yourself and learn how to prevent future episodes of theft and shoplifting.

Marijuana 101

This course may be recommended or required in the state of North Carolina by a judge, court, parole officer, probation officer, or a state, county, or city official.

Substance Abuse

Learn the nature of substance abuse, what resources are available in helping in the recovery process, and other topics related to addiction.